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  • The Dues to the Unbound

    by Pocholo Goitia We’ve been watching snot leak from Shiva’s 170-year old nose for half an hour, and after a while you start wondering: Do synthesized mucus glands secrete real mucus? People like me know everything about people like Shiva, things like his boot size and blood type. We know his right nostril flares bigger […]

  • The God Equation

    The God Equation is Mike’s first story. It won the 1st Gregorio Brillantes Award in 2006 and was published the following year in the Expeditions anthology. Michael A.R. Co is a bibliomaniac who thinks he could also be a writer. He’s written four short stories so far, and is working on his fifth.

  • The Sugilanon of Epefania’s Heartbreak

    by Ian Rosales Casocot “All of history–and all stories–eventually collide.That is how the Great Laon creates new worlds.”—From an old script written on bamboo, found in Ilog, Negros Island In the old days, when the last of the encantosand diwatas had yet to abandon our everyday realm–banished first by an invasion of Spanish cafres and duendes, and then by the sheer […]

  • Dreaming Valhalla

    by Douglas Candano Taken from www.tsinoy.org/mysterentreps/echua.html as part of the site’s online repository of information concerning unusual events in the Chinese-Filipino community’s history. While the Church of the Nativity along Katapatan Road is considered a landmark, by no means does it date back to Hispanic times. For despite its arched doorways, stained glass windows and stone carvings […]

  • Keeping Time

    by F.H. Batacan The door of his hotel room is open; the porter has stowed his bags and is now hanging up the contents of his suit bag in the closet. Mike enters the room sideways, sucking in his gut. It is an old habit; even though he has shed more than a hundred and […]

  • Six From Downtown

    by Dean Francis Alfar The Wet Market A WEEK AFTER I arrived in the city, I spent a day at the wet market, negotiating my way down the slippery floors and taking pictures. I was soon lost in the brilliant rainbow of fresh seafood, laid out in ice, suspended on hooks, swimming in plastic pails […]

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